Back in 2011 Nike approached co-owner of Patta, Edson Sabajo, to see if he would be willing to gather around some key influencers from Amsterdam for the launch of a new running shoe. As oftentimes those people turned out to be close friends and family, Edson agreed to help the brand out, but only Patta’s own terms.

By now 5 years later the Patta Running Team counts  43 handpicked people from many fields; from painters to DJ’s, from students to store owners, they weekly come together to share a passion they all have in common; running.

Jermain Breidel, by now perhaps better known as (NRC) Coach Jay Breidel, has without hesitation stood up as the team trainer from very early stages on. Together with co-trainer Dennis Wijnhold he takes care of anything from motivational talks to training schedules.

Our current homebase is Vondelgym, a great place to get together before and after the runs to do some stretching or sip on a smoothy.

Find us in running through the streets of Amsterdam or on the starting lines of races all around the world as we strive to bring running culture closer to the people!

Run Party Repeat,

Patta Running Team